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June 19, 2015

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Laparoscopic surgery by Dr. Ramesh Marimuthu, MD (UKM), MMED (MAL), FMAS (DELHI).
Warm welcome to all the ladies,
My name is Dr Ramesh Marimuthu, I am the resident obstetrician and gynaecologist of KPJ Bandar Maharani Specialist Hospital. In this web page, I will try to incorporate interesting and latest treatment in Obstertric and Gynaecology for your reading benefit. Questions can also be directed to me and I will find time to answer them.
For my very first article I will be writing on something of my interest- laparoscopic surgery.

 What is laparoscopic surgery?
It has many names like pinhole surgery, button hole surgery but importantly it is doing any surgery with minimal amount of skin penetration. In this surgery, a miniature camera is placed in the abdomen or cavity and surgeons use a monitor to help them see and operate.Many surgeries are now performed by this technique. Before we had to cut open the skin depending upon the size of the surgery we are doing and hence if removing the uterus we need to cut about 6-10 cm of skin in order to to remove the uterus. Consequently now by using about 0.5-1cm skin incissions we can remove the entire uterus through the vagina and the scar is minimum on the abdomen.
What are the advantages of this surgery?
1. The incissions on the body is minimal and scar is less
2. Healing is faster and hence the patient can go home faster after surgery.
3. Recovery is faster.
4. Pain is much less since the scar is small
5. The infection rate is much less compared to conventional surgery
6. Adhesion due to surgery is much less.
7. Complications such as blood loss and other injuries are much reduced with this technique when performed by experienced surgeons.

What surgeries can be performed by this technique?
Almost all surgeries including cancer surgeries are performed by this technique but it all depends on the skill and expertise of the surgeon. For example I am comfortable to do removal of cyst, uterus, tubal ligation and infertilty surgeries in Kpj Bandar Maharani . Our surgeons do appendiectomy, gall bladder removal and many more. However certain surgeries like ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer are too complicated and open conventional surgeries are the way to go.
The bottom line is laparoscopy is the future and becoming more popular among surgeons. For all of you who need further information, please visit us for an appointment